Receipt Hacks That Save (and Earn) Money


20160424_132746Receipts, to me, were always the annoying pieces of paper that I kept in case I needed to return an item, but ended up piling up in my purse, car, and house because, let’s face it, I don’t always throw things away when I should. I’ve even told cashiers that I didn’t want my receipt at certain restaurants or at gas pumps because I knew that they would pollute my life. Things have changed so much. I always make sure to get my receipts even if there is no chance of me returning an item. My receipts are now another money making tool.

I mention the app Ibotta quite a bit, but I recently delved even deeper into the receipt rebate world and found a few more apps that will give you money for receipts. Ibotta will give you rebates for certain items and brands if you verify your purchase with a receipt. Checkout 51, SavingStar, and Shopmium are similar apps that do pretty much the same thing. The thing I love the most about finding these additional apps is that you can essentially stack these rebates. Each of these apps have different offers so you can get a rebate for apples on one and a rebate for tissue on another. Even if all of the apps have the same offer for the same brand, you can use your receipt to get cash back for that item in each app. Another good app for rebates on groceries is Shrink. This one is geared more toward people who are into healthy/natural/ eco-friendly brands. So if you ever wanted to clean up your lifestyle and save some money at the same time, this is the app for you.

But that’s not all. You can also use an app called Receipt Hog for pretty much any receipt. Just snap a picture of your receipt and reap the rewards. Different receipts earn you different things. Receipts for groceries, health items, beauty products, etc. will earn you coins based on how much you spend. Home improvement stores, clothing stores, electronic stores, etc. earn you spins for the in-app slot machine where you can win prizes like more coins or even have your last shopping trip paid for. Most receipts, including the ones that don’t qualify for coins or spins, give you an entry into a monthly sweepstakes that awards coins to over 5500 users. After you earn so many coins, you get cash back or gift cards. It also stores your receipts so you can easily have a picture of them on hand if you should ever need it. It can take a while to cash in on this app, but if you think about how many receipts you accumulate that don’t earn you any money you will realize that it’s worth taking a picture just to get a little extra cash. It’s better than nothing and after using it for so long you will notice you’ve racked up a lot of coins, it will be like finding cash you didn’t know you had in your pocket. And that’s always a good feeling.

These apps are great for people who don’t feel like doing couponing before they shop. But if you do feel like making the extra effort to clip some coupons, you can always save more by applying coupons to your purchases and then getting rebates from the aforementioned apps. You might even make more than you spend. I haven’t tested all of apps in different conditions, but I know for sure that Shopmium no longer allows you to combine their app with coupons. The others, as far as I know, do allow you to use coupons in conjunction with the apps.

You can earn even more with Ibotta, Shrink, and Shopmium when you refer friends. This idea goes back to my post on making money from your online popularity. Link these referral codes to your social media and you could stand to make a lot of money. Each friend that signs up with your referral code and uses the app for a rebate will not only give you money, but they receive a special offer too.

  • Ibotta gives you $5 for each friend referred and your friends will receive $10. My referral code: khyalva
  • Shrink gives you $2 for each friend referred and your friends will receive $1. My referral code: TBQJEX
  • Shopmium gives you $2 for each friend referred and your friends will receive…a free Lindt Chocolate bar. Hey, it’s better than nothing. My referral code: KHEMUMHE

If there is a receipt, there is an app that will pay you for a picture of it. Even if you don’t do the household shopping, like me, you can still swipe the receipts from the person who does and cash in on their shopping. So for all of you thrifty spenders out there, go have a field day with your receipts. I know I did.

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