So You Have A Lot of Facebook Friends…Are You Making Money From It?


Social Media MoneyOnline popularity is big. Everyone wants to have the most friends, followers, likes, favorites, comments, retweets, and pokes? Ok, I never got that last one…why do you want to poke someone? It sounds so dirty. Is that why people do it? I’m getting way off topic. Focus, Mia. The point is you have all these friends and popularity online, but what does that really mean? What is it worth? There are people who get paid to make online videos or post pictures on Instagram. People get paid to have a popular online presence. How? Companies want people who can advertise their products and pay well for it if you are particularly popular. I even have ads on this site because the extra income can’t hurt. Don’t have the kind of time or power to make a lot of money from advertisers on social media? Well, are you willing to settle for a little money? You don’t have to be internet famous to make a little extra cash on the side for having social media accounts. Just get paid to refer your friends. Chances are you do it for free anyway. Here are six ways you can make money by referring your friends.



Ibotta is a website that gives you cash back on items you purchase in stores. You simply have to find items that you want to buy on the website or app, add them to your shopping list, buy them, and send a picture of the receipt to Ibotta for a rebate. This app is particularly useful for groceries and other household shopping. As if getting money back for your regular shopping isn’t enough, they pay you $5 for each friend who uses your referral code to sign up and redeem their first rebate within two weeks. What’s even better? Your friend will get $10 just for using the app to get a rebate for the first time. If you want to get your $10 for signing up and using Ibotta, click here. My referral code: khyalva

Amazon App

Amazon wants more people to use their app. This doesn’t give you actual cash back, but it’s almost as good. You get a $5 coupon off of any $10 or more purchase after they use your referral code to use the app to make their first Amazon App purchase. This friend must not have made a purchase using the app within the last 10 months for you to receive your coupon. Oh, and your friend also gets a $5 coupon off of any $10 or more purchase so it’s a win-win. Want me to refer you so you can get your $5 coupon? Fine 😉 . Click here for my link or use my code when you check out: MIA1347N


You’re already saving money by utilizing the deals on this website, but you can also get $10 in Groupon Bucks for referring up to 10 friends (there is a $100 Groupon Bucks cap, unfortunately). If a friend who is not currently a Groupon subscriber uses your link and makes a purchase within 72 hours, you get your $10 Groupon Bucks. Want to sign up for Groupon and give me $10 Groupon Bucks? Click here. Now what should my $100 Groupon Bucks go towards? Laser hair removal? An 8 day vacation to Italy? Decisions, decisions.


This one is a bit disappointing. At this time, LivingSocial’s referral program isn’t active, but you can get a rebate for something you’ve purchased through them. Let’s say you buy a paintball session on LivingSocial. You will get a referral link to send to friends. If 3 friends purchase this deal, you will get your money back for that purchase. Which is pretty cool. Sharing that link with a lot of Facebook friends and only needing 3 to jump in on it could score you a lot of free loot. Not too shabby.


This is my favorite referral of the bunch. For those of you not in the know and haven’t read some of my other articles, Ebates is an online rebate program. If you want to make an online purchase and get cash back for it, search it on Ebates and click on their link to shop through their portal. Once your purchase had been made, you will receive a percentage back in cash. I love it. I also love their referral program. You get $5 for each person to sign up and make $25+ in purchases through Ebates within one year of their sign up. And until March 31, 2016, you can get $25 each for 3 friends that you refer ($75). We’re talking cash money. No coupons here. See that Ebates button over to the right on the menu and listed under “Sponsers”? That’s my referral button. You can click that button or click here to use my referral link if you want to start getting cash back for your online purchases and help me out at the same time. Then you can start sharing the love too.


This is not as specific as the other things in this list. That’s because it all depends on the bank you use. Some banks will offer you points or cash for referring people to their credit card. At the moment, I only have a Chase card and a Discover card so I can tell you that they both have referral programs and they are both similar. You can get $50 per qualifying referral for up to 10 referrals ($500). A qualifying referral is someone who uses your link to sign up for the card and is approved for the card (for a lot of cards approval requires decent credit). Make sure you check with your bank and see if they offer referral rewards. I’m not yet eligible for Discover’s referral program (I suspect that’s because I’m still in my first year and don’t get charged interest yet), but if you are interested in signing up for a Chase Freedom card through my link click here to fill out a form with your email address so you can get your sign up offer ($150 after spending $500 in purchases in 3 months) since Chase Freedom referrals can only be done by email. And if you want to know why I like the card and how I get the most out of it, see my articles on Getting the Most Out of Your Rewards Cards and Cash Back Bonuses vs Savings Interest.


Now, start making money from having friends and social media. You put a lot of your time into it so you might as well get some money out of it. Comment below if you have another site or app you like to use to profit from referrals and don’t forget to click the subscribe button at the top of the page to receive email updates whenever I make a new post.

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